6 Shorts

Inspiration: At any moment, thoughts begin to circle in my mind. Sometimes there is a theme. If I capture them quickly they leave me alone. If I ignore them for too long they stalk me. The good thing is, on those days, the poems don’t have to be long. Below is an example of 6 very short poems that seem to form a theme — a moment in time.

A friend of mine joked recently, Can’t you have an insignificant moment?

I thought about it for about a second and said, No. We can have light moments, happy moments, carefree moments, but as long as we have breath we can’t have an insignificant moment.

He laughed at me and said, You are such a Hart!

I said nothing, but thought, Yes, I have the Hart-of-a-Poet.

I hope you enjoy these 6 Shorts.

Play poems below.


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