COVID Poem Series

These poems are from my book: Thriver’s Quest. The themes of surviving, searching, fighting, realizing, healing, and thriving will be familiar to anyone who has experienced trauma. These six poems give insight into how these streams of consciousness flow through our heart helping us heal to thrive. 
SURVIVING: Jump At Shadows


REALIZING: Sometimes Angels

HEALING: Healing Walks

THRIVING: Spiritual Partnership (Note: Strobe effect at the end of video)

These poems are from my book: Thriver’s Quest. Each is one poem from the collection of 5 that are shared under the 6 core themes. They were recorded in 2020 as we navigated through the COVID pandemic. I believe they still resonate for our lives today! I have gathered them here so they can be experienced as a series. I hope you enjoy them.

Thank you for the sacred honor of your time and attention. Be well!!!

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