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Context Matters All The Time

You have a right to be here, to live here, and to thrive here just because you are here. At the very heart of you there is nothing wrong with you, no matter what happened to you. No matter how many times abuse happened, and no matter how many other things have happened since; those events don’t define you. I hope these videos might help you understand why that is true.

I started sharing stories of my life to help others survive to thrive way back in 1990. On this page I’m sharing selected tales of living to thrive from my ongoing Thriver’s Quest with the same goal: helping those of you who need to realize that you are not alone.

I simply request that you be gentle with yourself as you listen. If you need to stop, please do. If you are a male who needs assistance please seek it at As a listener you may also find assistance at

Trigger Notice: Topics of child sexual abuse, rape, racism, and suicide are mentioned in some videos. National Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255.

The first Public Sharing

How it happened

Life repeated
Searching started…
Healing happened…
Calling to service
Black Lives have always Mattered
Ongoing Thriving…

Thank you for the sacred honor of your time and attention. If you think any of the resources on this page would be helpful for someone you know please share them.

Life’s best to you always. Thrive on!

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